Andrew Sandoval
1302 Alpine Mountain Drive
LeanderTX 78641
Systems Software Architect
Architect and lead the development of high quality, innovate, and industry altering software systems and applications.

Experienced leader in the design and development of revolutionary software on multiple platforms in a variety of markets. Able to inspire software engineers to accomplish things they once believed were not possible. A driver of standards and quality. A thought leader with numerous patents pending and many successful products on the market. An accomplished engineer with a passion for excellence. Exceptional knowledge and experience with Windows Internals and Unix Internals, from device driver development to dynamic code creation, injection, and hooking that has enhanced a multitude of third party products and systems.

Proven capabilities with reverse engineering, C++ generic programming, assembly language, and development experience covering the full range from UI applications to kernel-mode code on a handful of platforms from iPhones and micro controllers to mainframes.
2005 to PresentBLUE COAT SYSTEMS, INC  Austin, TX
Principal Engineer (Architect Level)
(Acquired Permeo Technology in 2006)
  • Designed and developed the code injection and API hooking engine used in Permeo and Blue Coat client products, possibly the most advanced and capable code injection and API hooking system on the market
  • Responsible for the design and development of Blue Coat ProxyRA client, an on-demand VPN client with unmatched innovation in remote access, security, malware prevention, and information protection built upon my hooking and injection technology.
  • Led the design and development of Permeo's Web Protect client product which is now marketed by Quaresso Software Technologies as Protect on Q. This client is similarly built upon the foundation of my hooking and injection technology.
  • Technical lead and architect of the Blue Coat ProxyClient Web Filter solution, which uses Blue Coat's cloud based WebPulse system for rating, and policy based decisions on browser requests. Possibly the only client based web filter solution on the market capable of rating HTTPS requests by hostname (which must be captured prior to SSL encryption.)
  • Designed the Blue Coat ProxyClient Transparent ADN client solution to expand the ProxyClient's ability to accelerate network data for mobile devices on large unmanaged networks.
  • Inventor with 6 patents at various stages in the patent process - See for a list of publically viewable patents.
1999 to 2005BMC SOFTWARE, INC  Houston, TX
Lead Product Developer
  • Lead Developer for Patrol End-to-End Response Timer, Patrol MQ Optimizer, and other MQ Series enhancement and monitoring products
  • Inventor of the Dynamic Process Intercept Library (DPIL) used in several BMC Software applications (a code injection and hooking library for Windows and UNIX.)
  • Inventor of the Web Intercept Architecture used to find, inject, and hook commercial Web Servers to allow compression of data prior to SSL encryption, and insertion of HTML for response time measurements
1996 to 1999FIRST UNION NATIONAL BANK  Charlotte, NC
Senior Software Engineer
  • Led the development of First Union's 2nd generation of Internet Banking and online Capital Markets banking
1992 to 1996NOVELL, INC  Provo, UT
Software Engineer
(Acquired WordPerfect Corporation in 1994)
  • Developed internal and Internet applications for Novell Technical Support
  • Developed Credit Card Processing software which led to the formation of MerTech Software and later Netways Global Communications a business I owned and ran, to market and sell this software with Novell's permission.
Skills Overview
  • C++, C, STL, Boost, object-oriented design, and generic programming
  • 32 and 64-bit x86 assembly language
  • 390, SPARC, HP-PA, POWER/RS/6000/PPC, and 6502 assembly language
  • Windows and UNIX Internals
    • API Hooking
    • Code injection (64-bit and 32-bit)
    • Reverse engineering and debugging skills
    • Device Driver development (including NDIS IM drivers, TDI drivers, and file system filter)
    • COM, ActiveX and RPC hooking
    • Security (including FIPS.sys) and Crypto APIs
    • Windows PE, Linux ELF, and other executable file formats
    • IDA Pro, windbg, and other reverse engineering tools
  • Multi-threaded Application Development on Windows and UNIX
  • GUI development on Windows (WTL, ATL, MFC, and straight win32)
  • Network programming including COM/DCOM, CORBA, DCE, Encina, MQ Series, Web Services, RPC, and other services over TCP/IP and older protocols
  • Web Server and Web Application Development using ISAPI (IIS), NSAPI (iPlanet and Netscape), Apache modules (1.3 and 2.x), and CGI
  • JScript, Visual Basic, Java, and other scripting languages as well as thourough knowledge of the IActiveScript interfaces
  • iPhone development (see my App at
  • Arduino and ATMEGA microcontroller programming and electronic engineering